Joy Zimmerman Music artist biography

Listen to KC Cafe Radio's artist interview with Joy:

 Educated as a musician and social worker, shaped by adventure and challenge, Joy Zimmerman has emerged as a dynamic performing songwriter... 

 Joy is known for compelling vocals, inventive songwriting, and engaging performances. 

Her music is shaped by diverse musical taste, violin lessons starting before kindergarten, and plenty of soulful moments. Joy's lyrics reflect a deep understanding of human experience. 

Having met few genres she didn't embrace, Joy's music is eclectic and chock-full of vocal and instrumental versatility. 

Joy has five albums of original music -- two recorded and co-produced with Jimmy Dykes

in Kansas City at Weights and Measures Soundlab, and three recorded in Nashville at Azalea Studios. Joy's songwriting awards include American Songwriter Lyric Contest Honorable Mention and five Walnut Valley Festival New Song Showcase wins. ​


Joy performs solo, in a duo with guitarist extraordinaire Jimmy Dykes, and with a full band called Sonic Joy. Joy and Jimmy's dynamic instrumentals and vocal harmonies create acoustic electricity.

 Also an engaging presenter, Joy blends music and social work into workshops for children and adults on resilience, creativity, self-discovery, navigating change, and the power of music. 

 "Joy has a wonderfully unique way of connecting to her audience that I have seen no other performer do."  ~Peggy Kelly, Open Range Concert Series 

​​ "As a songwriter, Joy Zimmerman is equally comfortable tackling styles from bluegrass, folk and blues to pop, rock and country-as well as more esoteric  genres ranging from disco to klezmer...but still makes each song her own."   ~Fett, independent producer/engineer, Azalea Music Group, Nashville

 "To listen to Joy play and sing, to be carried along through her ordinary/wondrous journey, and to hear echos of your own in it...There's so much about her work that resonates with me at a level even deeper that I can articulate."
  ~Erika Marksbury


Joy Zimmerman: ​singer/songwriter

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